Mario Kart Tour Adds A Brand-New Course And More

The mobile racer's Ninja Tour event is underway and introduces a brand-new ninja-themed racetrack, as well as Ninja Shy Guy and a new kart.


A new Tour event is underway in Mario Kart Tour. The first half of the game's Ninja Tour is now live through April 20, and it introduces a new ninja-themed character, kart, glider, and course to Nintendo's mobile racer.

The course is called Ninja Hideaway, and it's a brand-new racetrack exclusive to Mario Kart Tour. In keeping with the event's ninja motif, the course features multiple hidden alternate pathways, as well as falling ceilings and other traps.

The new racer debuting during the tour is Ninja Shy Guy, who arrives alongside the new Jade Hop Rod kart and Ninja Scroll glider. You can take a look at the new racer and course in the trailer below.

As part of the Ninja Tour, Nintendo is holding a "Snap a Photo" challenge until April 16. The challenge asks players to take a ninja-themed screenshot in Mario Kart Tour and share it on social media. As a reward, all players will be gifted coins depending on how many photos are shared. You can read more details about the challenge below.

Nintendo has been regularly holding events in Mario Kart Tour since the game launched on mobile devices. Just prior to the Ninja Tour, the company held a Yoshi Tour that added White Yoshi and Black Birdo. Before that, a Mario Tour event took place to celebrate Mario Day, and it brought back various versions of the plumber, including 16-bit Mario from the original Super Mario Kart.

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