Mario Kart 8 for Wii U lets players upload gameplay directly to YouTube, $330 premium bundle confirmed

Nintendo provides new details on "Mario Kart TV" and officially confirms $330 premium bundle for North America.

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Nintendo today provided new details on the "Mario Kart TV" functionality for its upcoming kart racing game Mario Kart 8 for Wii U and confirmed that a $330 premium bundle will be available in North America.

Not only can you watch your highlight racing reels, rewind them, play them in slow motion, or upload them to Miiverse, but you can also upload these clips directly to YouTube from the Wii U. All you'll need to do so is a Google account.

Nintendo has been criticized for lagging behind competitors like Microsoft and Sony with regards to online functionality, but for this feature, Nintendo is actually ahead of the game. Only two weeks ago did Microsoft begin allowing Xbox One owners to upload video clips directly to YouTube, while PlayStation 4 owners don't even have a YouTube app at all available to them.

Also confirmed today was a $330 Mario Kart 8 premium bundle for North America. Previously slated for release in Europe, the bundle includes a Wii U Deluxe system, copy of Mario Kart 8, a red Mario wheel accessory, and a red Mario Wii Remote Plus controller.

Mario Kart 8 launches May 30 exclusively for Wii U. Anyone who buys the standard Mario Kart 8 game will receive another game absolutely free. For more on Mario Kart 8, be sure to watch tons of new video footage from the game.

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