Mario Golf: Super Rush Trailer Shows Off New Modes Like Battle Golf, 16 Characters

The next Mario Golf game looks like it has a lot to offer.


A new trailer for Nintendo's next big Switch game, Mario Golf: Super Rush, has arrived. The overview trailer shows off what fans can expect when the game debuts on June 25, and it seems the game has a lot to offer across multiple new modes, new swing systems, and more.

Players will need to study the wind and terrain, among other factors, before swinging the club. The swing mechanics in Super Rush are simple and intuitive, Nintendo said, allowing you to adjust your power and spin, among other factors. There are also "curve" shots in the game that you can use to avoid obstacles like rocks and trees. The video also touches on the motion controls that you can use by swinging the Joy-Con like a golf club--this control setup is optional, but it could be a fun approach for people who want a more authentic experience.

There are 16 different characters in the game, and each has their own strengths like increased power or more control. The video also touches on some of the ways you can play together with friends with local multiplayer and online support.

As for the courses, these range from the more lifelike ones to fantastical courses that have lava and other Mushroom Kingdom objects and items to get around.

The Super Rush video also touches on the new game mode--Speed Golf. In this mode, all players tee off together and then race to the next shot with the aim of getting the ball in the cup in the fastest possible time. Players will collect items on the course to boost their stamina, and each character has a unique speed boost they can trigger to zip ahead of opponents or to bash them and delay their own progress. Speed Golf also has special shots that can be activated to do things like wipe out other balls in their path.

Super Rush has another new mode called Battle Golf. There are nine holes on this massive course and players can take on whichever one they want--the first to capture three wins the match. Another new mode is Golf Adventure, which allows you to take your Mii and take part in various challenges--like shooting a ball into a big honeypot--to learn the ropes. The Golf Adventure mode also has boss battles where you fire off balls at enemies. Players get XP for their efforts in Golf Adventure, which they can then allocate to different elements like speed, stamina, power, and so on.

What's more, the video spotlights the 16 characters that will be available in Super Rush at launch. Here they are:

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Super Rush launches on June 25; preorders for Super Rush are open now.

It's a good time to be a fan of golf video games, as EA is reviving its PGA Tour series with The Masters featured in the game, while 2K Sports has signed Tiger Woods to a deal for its own line of PGA Tour games.

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