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Mario Golf: Super Rush Free Update Adds Toadette, New Donk City Course, Ranked Matches

Nintendo's golf game for Switch grows today with a substantial free update.


Nintendo's Mario Golf: Super Rush is getting a free update today, August 5, that adds a new mode and course, and also makes improvements to controls.

The new mode is Ranked Match, which allows you to compete in ranked online games. You can get a glimpse at the Ranked Match lobby screen below. It appears players will achieve World Ranks for their performance, in addition to letter grades to denote their skills in the golf game.

The new character is Toadette, while the new course is New Donk City from Super Mario Odyssey. Nintendo said it will have even more updates for Super Rush coming later this year. Check out the brief trailer above to get a first look at Toadette and the New Donk City course in Super Rush.

New Ranked Match lobby in Super Rush
New Ranked Match lobby in Super Rush

Nintendo also said the Super Rush update improves the game's motion controls, but it did not share any specifics.

Super Rush launched in June and got off to a quick start, selling 1.34 million copies in just five days. Nintendo reveled the sales figure as part of its earnings report where it also announced that Switch sales have surpassed 89 million units.

"Mario Golf: Super Rush is a compellingly original sports game," reviewer Steve Petite said in GameSpot's Super Rush review. "Super Rush isn’t the best entry in the series, but it's a worthy addition."

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