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Mario Gets His Own Manga, And Mama Mia, It Is Bizarre

Super Mario Manga Mania arrives in English, and you can check out pages here.


Super Mario-kun by Yukio Sawada is a long-running manga series which began in Japan in 1991. Running for over 50 volumes, with the latest hitting shelves back in October, the zany series has taken the plumber and his pals on a crazy journey throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. However, getting your hands on localized versions of those stories was near impossible, until now.

Viz Media released Super Mario Mania on December 8, which is a collection of hand-picked stories by Sawada from the Super Mario-kun manga. Take a look below at some of the interior pages for the book.

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Obviously, the manga leans heavily into comedy, absurdism, and zany antics. But what else would you expect? It's a story about a plumber and his brother in a magical kingdom where turtle-people are trying to kidnap royalty. The last time someone tried to go the serious route with that, we had the Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo Mario Bros. movie.

Super Mario Manga Mania features ten stories, and two bonus short stories, coming in at over 160 pages. While the retail price for the book is $10, it's currently on sale at Walmart and Amazon for $9 during the holidays.

The Super Mario Manga Mania collection is available at various retailers, and if you're looking for more from the worlds of manga and anime, check out our Anime Gift Guide. Mario is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and Tetris 99 is honoring the plumber with a Mario All Stars event. If you can score enough points during the Maximus Cup, which is happening now, you can unlock a Super Mario All Stars theme for the game.

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