Mario done gleaming the 'Cube

Miyamoto says 128 version of plumber's pending platform plight will be on Nintendo's next-gen console, calls Rev controller 'big gun.'


Good news for potential Revolution buyers, bad news for GameCube owners. Speaking with tech Web site Wired News, Nintendo creative spark plug Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that the next platform game featuring the company's iconic plumber will not be coming to the GameCube.

When asked by the online tech journal about the fate of the fabled "Mario 128" (working title), Miyamoto said, "We think we want [Mario 128] on Revolution... The Mario team can't create too many games at the same time, so they're concentrating on the Revolution."

The buzz on a proper sequel to the Nintendo 64's Mario 64 began back at 2000's Spaceworld, when Miyamoto showed a tech demo (link below) for Mario 128. The demo was meant to show off the capabilities of the GameCube, then code-named "Dolphin," and featured 128 Marios prancing about the screen simultaneously.

Mario 128's existence appears to have gone the way of Bigfoot and Nessie--it's out there in some form, but it's more in faith than concrete proof. According to the interview, Miyamoto and Nintendo are still waiting for the "fundamental idea that's going to drive the next 3-D Mario game."

One of those "fundamental ideas" could very well be determined by the Revolution's supersecret controllers, which have been rumored to involve everything from stress-ball-like squeezing sensitivity to gyroscopes.

In regards to the controllers, Miyamoto told Wired News, "Because the user interface is going to drive the Revolution software design, that's what's going to make our software stand out. Nobody else is going to be able to do what we do with next-generation game software. So, I can't reveal anything. It's under wraps because it's the big gun."

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