Mario Creator's Autograph Is Hidden In Super Nintendo World At Universal Studios

Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto personally signed a painting in the Mario Kart ride.


Super Nintendo World has officially opened to the public at Universal Studios Japan, letting guests be fully immersed in the world of Mario, Yoshi, and other classic Nintendo characters. The featured attraction in the new theme park expansion, which is also coming to Universal's parks in Florida and California, is a Mario Kart ride. That particular attraction also happens to house the land's best Easter egg, an autograph from the creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto.

While in the queue for the ride, which takes you through Bowser's castle, you'll encounter a massive painting of Mario's primary antagonist. In the corner of the painting, you'll notice it's been signed by the Mario mastermind.

Speaking at a press event, Senior Director of Technology and Innovation for Universal Creative Tom Geraghty revealed how Miyamoto's autograph became part of the ride.

"We're walking Koopa's castle in Japan, and there's this big portrait of Bowser that he's had installed of himself--because he has a healthy sense of self--at the end of the hall," Geraghty remembered of showing Miyamoto the land for the first time. "And it's not signed because it's just a portrait or a prop or whatever. And we said, 'Miyamoto-san, there's no artist signature there.' So we handed him a Sharpie and he signed it right then and there. Then we came back and clear-coated it. So you'll find his signature on the artwork in the land which is a special moment for us."

That's not the only Easter egg you'll find in Super Nintendo World. The creative team revealed that the land is loaded with them--some of which you'll have to work to uncover. However, other nods that were revealed include Pikmin characters being hidden throughout the area and release dates for certain notable Nintendo games being etched into the pavement surrounding the entrance of the area.

Super Nintendo World is open at Universal Studios Japan now. Opening dates for the California and Florida expansions have not been revealed. However, Florida's governor has said the state is expected to open its version in 2025.

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