Mario Advance Unveiled

New information on and the first screenshots from Mario Advance for the Game Boy Advance.


Confirming recent reports, Nintendo has officially announced the tentatively titled Mario Advance for its upcoming Game Boy Advance handheld. Mario Advance is essentially a remake of Super Mario Bros. 2, and it includes such familiar characters as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach. The player must advance through the Land of Dreams using projectile-based attacks and special attacks. New to the Game Boy Advance game is a four-player mode that lets players compete in levels based on the original Mario Bros. game. In the four-player game, there are two modes of play: battle and classic. In the battle mode, players compete to collect the most coins, and in the classic mode, the objective is to simply advance through the levels.

Mario Advance has currently been confirmed for the Japanese market. There has been no official confirmation of its North American release.

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