March's Free Legendary Pokemon For Ultra Sun And Moon Revealed, Here's How To Get Them

Players can get either Regigigas or Heatran in March.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon players still have a few more hours to claim this month's free Legendary Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia, but The Pokemon Company has already shared more details on the next two free monsters. Beginning March 1, players will be able to add another pair of Legendaries originally from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to their teams: Regigigas and Heatran.

Unlike Dialga and Palkia, which are being given away at GameStop stores, players will receive a download code for Regigigas or Heatran in March's Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter. You'll need to create a Trainer Club account on the Pokemon website and opt-in for the newsletter by March 1 in order to receive a download code. You can create an account for free here.

You can redeem the download code in any seventh generation Pokemon title--Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Sun, or Moon--but the Pokemon you receive will depend on which version you're playing: Sun and Ultra Sun players will get Regigigas, while those with Moon or Ultra Moon will receive Heatran. The Pokemon also come with different movesets depending on your version. You can see what moves the Legendaries will know in each game below.

Pokemon Ultra Sun

Regigigas -- Level 100

  • Crush Grip
  • Drain Punch
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Heavy Slam

Pokemon Sun

Regigigas -- Level 60

  • Zen Headbutt
  • Revenge
  • Dizzy Punch
  • Confuse Ray

Pokemon Ultra Moon

Heatran -- Level 100

  • Magma Storm
  • Heat Wave
  • Earth Power
  • Flash Cannon

Pokemon Moon

Heatran -- Level 60

  • Crunch
  • Scary Face
  • Lava Plume
  • Fire Spin

To download your Legendary Pokemon, choose Mystery Gift from the main menu and select the option to receive your gift via a code/password. Input the download code you received from the newsletter, and you'll be able to claim the Pokemon from the deliveryman waiting inside any Pokemon Center. You'll need at least one free slot in your party in order to pick up the Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company is giving away a different Legendary for free each month in 2018 as part of its Year of Legendary Pokemon celebration. The first free pair, Dialga and Palkia, will be available until February 28. You can see all of the other free Pokemon available for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon right now in our roundup.

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