Marc Ecko conjoins with Human Head

Hip-hop clothier teams up with Prey developer for all-new action game on next-generation systems.


A week after Marc Ecko announced he was adding a games division to his multimedia empire, the hip-hop fashion mogul has unveiled his first project...sort of. Marc Ecko Entertainment (MEE) has just revealed a deal with Human Head Studios, the shop behind last year's PC and Xbox 360 shooter Prey.

"As a huge fan of Prey, I am psyched to have the opportunity to watch Human Head enhance our vision and bring it to life," Ecko said in a statement. He then added some hyperbole infused with basketball imagery "It's sort of like drawing up the play for the 'to win' basket and having Jordan there to execute it to perfection," said Ecko.

But besides the hype, little was known about the MEE-Human Head project. According to the two companies, their first collaboration will be an "all-original IP" for unspecified next-generation consoles. The action game will be "jointly" developed by MEE and Human Head, with the lion's share of work being done at the latter's Madison, Wisconsin-based headquarters.

The unnamed Human Head game will mark Ecko's second foray into games. The first, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2), was a graffiti-themed stealth action game developed by The Collective (The Da Vinci Code, the forthcoming Harker) and published by Atari in 2006. Despite solid reviews and a large media push, the game sold just over 174,000 copies on all platforms in the US, according to the latest figures from the NPD Group.

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