MapleStory SEA to get Return of the Forces update

Patch to bring skill changes, revised maps, and new bosses.

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Gamers in Southeast Asia playing MMO MapleStory will be pleased to know that the online Maple World will be going through a few changes thanks to a new update.

Called "The Return of the Forces", the update will feature new skill changes for the majority of the game's classes. These include the aran, the evan, the resistance, the explorer and the knights of Cygnus classes. The update will also include a revised version of the Ellin forest as well as three new bosses roaming in the game: Chow, Fairy Queen Epineah and Arkarium.

MapleStory in Southeast Asia gets a facelift.
MapleStory in Southeast Asia gets a facelift.

In addition, the level 60 party quest Nett's Pyramid has been revamped and now features new items available via trading in gems. The quest involves killing the undead in a pharaoh's tomb while filling up an ACT bar via enemy kills in order to get a high ranking for better rewards.

The patch is available right now.

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