MapleStory gets Alliance Unbound update

New update to feature space alien invasion and rebalanced class skills.


The popular side-scrolling massively multiplayer online game MapleStory received both a major update and a social game adaptation last year. To continue preserving the MMO's longevity in North American markets, Nexon America has released a new content update.

Grind some cutesy mobs to a pulp. In space.
Grind some cutesy mobs to a pulp. In space.

The update, titled Alliance Unbound, features new instances set in a space alien invasion backdrop and an expansion of the Ellin Forest where players can travel back in time to revisit the fallout of the Black Mage invasion. Players can accumulate rocks called nebulites that can be fused onto a player's weapon to bolster their stats and abilities.

The update also revamps the Resistance class and updates the Aran and Evan character skills. For more information on the upcoming update, head to the official North American portal. For more information on the MMO game itself, check out GameSpot's article.

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