MapleStory Big Bang 1 update coming for Asia

Latest MapleStory changes to come in two increments and to include a server update.

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Hardcore fans of the long-running MapleStory franchise frequenting Southeast Asian servers will have their comfort zone shattered thanks to an upcoming major update. According to a recent press release issued by Asiasoft, the Big Bang 1 update will be divided into two patches and a server update.

MapleStory players are in for a makeover.
MapleStory players are in for a makeover.

The first patch came out yesterday and changed up the game's maps, monsters, and leveling-up rates, while also rebalancing existing jobs. Apart from these changes, a new 1024x768 screen resolution option was added, along with a tweaked user interface. Dungeon locations and hunting grounds were relocated closer to major towns for the player's convenience.

The server update is scheduled for May 25 and introduces the battle mage and wild hunter jobs within the Knights of Cygnus class. The battle mage is a spellcaster who uses aura skills to help boost party stats, while the wild hunter relies on ranged attacks with a crossbow and rides a jaguar.

The second patch will be out on July 6 and will introduce the Resistance class. This new class includes the mechanic job, which specializes in technology and the creation of robots as allies against MapleStory enemies.

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