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Manor Lords - Guides Hub

Rule your village and conquer surrounding lands with the help of our Manor Lords guides hub.


Manor Lords is a medieval city-building and management sim, with a bit of strategy and combat mixed in. As a baron surrounded by a handful of villagers, you find yourself at the crossroads of destiny. Will you lead a prosperous town and expand your domain, or will you be lost in the annals of history? We hope it's the former, so here's our Manor Lords guides hub to help you with your goals.

Manor Lords guides hub

Starter guides

Game setup and difficulty - Find out which settings are great for those who are just starting out.

Beginner's guide - We've got several tips for the long road ahead.

How to upgrade your settlement - Meet the needs of your citizens to achieve prosperity.

How to increase approval and population - Keep villagers happy to continue growing your town in Manor Lords.

Resources and materials

How to get more food - It's imperative that you have a lot of food in stock.

Farming and harvests guide - Plant seeds, try a bit of crop rotation, and wait for the yields of your harvests.

Region Wealth and Treasury - Earn money through various methods, whether it's from the contributions of your villagers or through your taxation policies.

Trading Posts and Trade Routes - Craft and produce goods, have a surplus, and sell them to distant lands for more cash.

How to make ale - Keep the beer flowing to satisfy the needs of the people.

How to increase clothing store supply - Make shoes, cloaks, and more.

Combat and expansion

Influence and claiming regions - Gather enough Influence so you can stake your claim on nearby regions.

Army and combat: Militia, retinue, and mercenaries - Arm your villagers, send out your men-at-arms, or find soldiers for hire as you face off against bandits and rival barons.

Manor Lords is currently an early access game. As such, some mechanics and features may change in due course. We'll continue adding more articles to our Manor Lords guides hub in the future, so stay tuned.

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