Mandalorian's Pulse Blaster Is Getting a Nerf Replica

This is the way... to spend $120 on a toy dart gun.


The Mandalorian bounty hunter known as Din Djarin has tons of cool tools; a jetpack, high-tech sensors, seeker missles, and nigh-impenetrable Beskar armor. One of his coolest gadgets, though, is his Amban Phase-pulse blaster. It accents the show's Western flavor while still looking fantastical. And you can soon own--and fire--Mando's rifle thanks to Nerf.

You can get your own blaster for $120. The rifle measures 50.25" (that's just over four feet). If you drop a pair of AAA batteries into the gun, it also has a light-up scope and authentic Star Wars sound effects. The best part, though, will be reloading it. To load in a new dart, which you will immediately lose, you push the forestock underneath the scope forward, which pops open a single-shot breech. Load in your dart, pull the forestock back, and then aim and fire. Please don't fire it at your cat, this thing disintegrates bounty hunters.

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You probably won't win a battle against the Nerf Motostryke and its 10-dart, motorized firing action, but you're going to look way cooler. Nerf also doesn't list anywhere on the product page what kind of range this thing has, so don't be surprised if the range isn't up to their best-engineered products. With that said, this is going to make for some killer convention cosplay at the very least.

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You won't find the gun under your Christmas tree this year, though; Nerf currently lists the Amban Phase-pulse blaster as releasing in October 2021. You can pre-order it right now, though, and if we're lucky, you might have the gun in time for Mandalorian's announced third season.

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