Man Makes Video Game to Propose to His Girlfriend

"I'd love to be your player 2."


Just days after a man proposed to his girlfriend during a Destiny livestream, another man has popped the question also using a game. YouTube user LA Pike--whose real name is Austin--built a video game for his girlfriend Lauren, with each of the levels in the simple game based on memories from when they dated.

Lauren thought she was simply play-testing her boyfriend's game, the first one he'd ever made. But it turned out to be a lot more meaningful; once she'd made it through all the levels, a virtual mariachi band appeared on screen playing a song that Austin's grandfather proposed to his grandmother with.

The screen then cuts to black, and the famous Legend of Zelda line "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this" pops up. At this point, Lauren knows what's going on. Another message on screen reads, "If you couldn't tell by this game, I'm a mediocre programmer and a horrible artist. But I'd love to be your player 2."

The ring was hidden behind the computer the whole time. Austin finally asks the question, and of course, she says yes. Well done, Austin.

For more on this unique marriage proposal, check out this gallery of images on Imgur.

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