Man Jailed for Stealing Video Games, Selling Them at Farmers Market

Of the 500-plus stolen games, some were from "the oldest gaming systems."


A 34-year-old Pennsylvania man is in jail after an investigation revealed he stole $25,000 worth of "rare" video games and attempted to sell them to a local gaming store. According to local news site Reading Eagle, Norris stole the games--more than 500 in all--from a Flying Hills couple with whom he lived for a short while last summer. None of the games were named in the report, only that some were from "the oldest gaming systems" and carried a total estimated value of $25,000.

NES games may or may not have been among the stolen items
NES games may or may not have been among the stolen items

The man, Randy Norris, met with a representative for local game store S&G in public places like shopping centers, convenience stores, restaurants, and even a farmers market where he sold the games (and some unspecified related items) for $150 to $725 each. This took place during a three-week period last summer.

Authorities said the dealer for S&G paid more than $4,000 to Norris for 242 games and items, apparently unaware that they were stolen property.

How'd he get caught? After discovering the games had been stolen from his home, Daniel Legevin started his own investigation. He got a tip that S&G had an "influx of rare video games" and went to the store to approach the owner--but he was away at a Smash Bros. tournament. Legevin didn't give up, as he traveled to the event in Virginia and discovered that S&G was selling his games there.

He brought this to their attention and the reportedly stolen items were set aside, with all parties agreeing to meet with authorities later. Almost all of the items Norris sold to S&G were thankfully recovered.

You can get the full story and all the details at Reading Eagle.

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