Man Finds Dead Body While Playing Pokemon Go

This is the second report of a Pokemon Go player finding a dead body in less than a week.

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Another Pokemon Go player has found a dead body while playing the game.

CBS Boston reports today (via Kotaku) that Pokemon Go player in Nashua, New Hampshire found the body of a dead person in the Salmon Brook at around 2 PM today, after which he called police.

"I don't know much about the Pokemon game, but apparently they are looking in obscure places for something that has to do with this game which is what brought the person who found the victim to that area," Nashua Police Lt. Robert Giggi told CBS Boston.

Authorities said the man's death does not appear be suspicious in nature, while no details about the victim have been released.

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In more uplifting news, 7 News Boston reports that Pokemon Go players discovered an unresponsive man who had overdosed and called police, helping to save him.

Last week, a teenager in Wyoming said she found a dead body while searching for Pokemon. Watch the video above to see more crazy things that happened involving Pokemon Go.

In other recent news, two men fell off a cliff this week while playing Pokemon Go.

This story has been updated.

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Avatar image for deactivated-57bcc1891a93a

wonder if I can find drug dealers using PGo

Avatar image for phili878

I found a dead man once in the beach washed ashore while on holidays early in the morning. I was listening to ipod back then and jogging along the water. Yes, it was horrible, the smell, the stiff body, and the rest you do not even want to know...oh guess what, so did thousands of other people already too...where are the articles on that? Serious dumb ass article....

Avatar image for Bastion00

@phili878: Because this is related to a video game. Which is what Gamespot is supposed to cover. This is not a general news site. Still a silly article, but "I understand".

Avatar image for spaced92

@Bastion00: Related to a video game my ass, if I found a Leprechauns pot of gold while playing Neko Atsume Kitty Collector, it sure as hell ain't a video game story. On a side note he should have gotten a Gastly. If that's not how this game works it's bs.

Avatar image for Bastion00

@spaced92: The game isn't what it's hyped up to be to a lot of people I've spoken to but at least it's something, I guess? I pretty much didn't bother with it the moment I heard they replaced the combat system with tap and swipe screen garbage. Do not want. And I think they found this story related because the way the game works forces you to go out, walk around, explore and it pretty much entails "people playing this game could find this."

Avatar image for Marky360

How many dead body's are just lying around out there especially ones that seem to NOT be there due to fowl play? Like seriously this is getting ridiculous.

Avatar image for spaced92

@Marky360: Turkeys are pretty deadly, but it's the chickens that'll get ya.

Avatar image for deactivated-5893d17ed65b4


You said "fowl". He must have ran into a murder of crows!

Avatar image for Terrorantula

This is great news, if we keep finding dead bodies we'll give the Police more chance to find killers.

Avatar image for spaced92

@Terrorantula: They said there's no evidence they were murdered, sometimes people just die.

Avatar image for Lyconah

The title of the article states the body is that of a dead man, but the byline refers to the police saving him >.>

Avatar image for trugs26

@Lyconah: I almost fell for that too. But if you read it again, it actually says "In another event..."

Avatar image for nikolistary

So fuking sick of this Pokemon crap. I guess the good news is that I now have no excuse to not get off the internet for a year as I see game sites will inundate this stupid news for the next 12 months at least.

Avatar image for deactivated-57bcc1891a93a

@nikolistary: seeya

Avatar image for deactivated-583276a1d2d91

@nikolistary: you wont be missed

Avatar image for saturatedbutter

How long until there's a dead body reportedly holding a phone playing Pokemon Go?

Avatar image for TeknoBug

@saturatedbutter: There's 3 so far (in California).

Avatar image for Runeweaver

@saturatedbutter: On the news thing morning in the UK, 4 teenage boys got lost 100ft below ground in a mine while looking for Pokemon, they must have got near an air vent because they managed to get a signal and phoned for rescue. LOL.

Avatar image for Klyern

@saturatedbutter: the story was updated: "In other recent news, two men fell off a cliff this week while playing Pokemon Go."

But then again your comment was just an hour ago so you could have just missed that sentence.

Avatar image for naz99

Pokemon Go the most effective app for Natural Selection

Avatar image for phili878

We are almost like special forces. They hunt terrorists, we hunt monsters.

Avatar image for killerious

There is a huge chance that we'll find Elvis soon!

Avatar image for CIA_BOSS

Maybe the body he found was a person who had an accident trying to catch the same Pokemon.

Avatar image for Klyern

@CIA_BOSS: as in, he was ran down by a lawnmower while being distracted by pokemon go?? Just like, or similarly to kazuma from konosuba

Avatar image for MegamanX97

Pokémon Go Find a Dead Body App.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Soon, they will find Jimmy Hoffa.

Avatar image for game4metoo

that's so Ghastly

Avatar image for santinegrete

@game4metoo: lol

Avatar image for camou504

People gonna start killing people and and say they found em playing pokemon go

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

@camou504: That actually would be a very solid defense.

Avatar image for deactivated-57bcc1891a93a

@JustPlainLucas: next best idea to just fleeing the scene.

Avatar image for shadowchronicle

@JustPlainLucas: Yeah that's pretty messed up.

Avatar image for frankie

We have seen some crazy shits with Pokemon GO over the past several weeks, but we gotta be careful with interpreting the implications of these news. The news being broadcasted and posted online makes the news sound crazy and over exaggerated. Don't let these news discourage you from playing the game or make you think negatively of it, but obviously be careful to not do any stupid shit.

Avatar image for trugs26

@frankie: The "finding dead bodies" reports I consider good news though.

Avatar image for Rifleman22388

Dont forget the multiple times people used pokemon go to rob people! Happened twice now. I'm pretty sure we will see a multitude of "good" and "bad" things before this fad ends. Glad the fad isn't for me.

Pokemon Go is a straight up savage beast that is a double edged sword.

Avatar image for milk

@Rifleman22388: People robbing others with pokemon go?

Victim: "Hey, what're you doing in my house, trying to open my safe?"

Burglar: "Just trying to catch the Pidgey inside, don't mind me."

Avatar image for nintendians

damn, pokemon go is helping and hurting people at the same time.

Avatar image for daleksec1977

Any "man" who plays this need not apply for his man card.

Avatar image for deactivated-57bcc1891a93a

@daleksec1977: i'd be so shocked if this is coming from someone who sits down all day.

Avatar image for streamline

@daleksec1977: A real man doesn't need a card.

Avatar image for naz99

@daleksec1977: So you are the holder and dispenser of all man cards? , somehow i think you are less deserving of one yourself.

Anyone that dictates to others about what being a "man" is, is certainly not one himself....Child.

Avatar image for bellzemo

@daleksec1977: Any one telling a man he can't have the card he is born with has a vagina.

Avatar image for naz99

@bellzemo: Full of Sand.

Avatar image for petey_olivarez

@daleksec1977: What if Burt Reynolds started playing it?

Avatar image for kalgert

@petey_olivarez: I imagine that the Man Race will go extinct then.

Avatar image for RicanV

Fact: Pokémon Go solves cold cases and saves not only people but small businesses.

Extra fact: you don't have to catch them all.

Avatar image for milk

@RicanV: Fact: Pokemon Go puts digital representations of demons inside churches, corrupting innocent children teaching them to sin. It's used to track of the locations of Christians in order to execute them. Source.

This is the "loose" definition of fact, though, I think.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

Next time someone goes missing the search and rescue teams can take the day off. Just send out the pokemon go players.

Avatar image for Sepewrath

Serial killers beware, those bodies you though you carefully hid, will come to light because a Meowth is hanging around on top of it.

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