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Man Dies After 3-Day Games Binge

Paramedics rush to Taiwan internet cafe after body is found slumped over desk; Second such death to occur in 2015.

Taiwan's internet cafes offer extended play sessions at very low prices. Image: Miran Rijavec
Taiwan's internet cafes offer extended play sessions at very low prices. Image: Miran Rijavec

A 32 year-old man has been found dead in an internet cafe in Taiwan following what is reported to be a three-day gaming binge.

Emergency services were called to the cafe, based in Kaohsiung, after an employee discovered a customer was slumped over his desk motionless.

The man, known only by his surname Hsieh, was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead from cardiac failure. Police believe that Hsieh likely died several hours before discovery, due to how stiff his corpse had become.

Gamers sitting in the cafe continued as if nothing happened when paramedics arrived, according to police spokesperson Jennifer Wu.

"The CCTV footage from the internet cafe showed that Hsieh had a small struggle before he collapsed motionless," Wu told CNN.

Cold temperatures and exhaustion from the extensive hours playing games are likely to have contributed to Hsieh's cardiac arrest, a police statement read.

Wu added that Hsieh had been "unemployed for a long time, and internet cafes were the only place he could go to."

"His family said he would disappear for two to three days on end."

According to the Taipei Times, Hsieh was a "regular customer" who often played for consecutive days.

"When tired, he would sleep face down on the table or doze off slumped in his chair," the staff member was quoted as saying.

"That is why we were not aware of his condition in the beginning."

Hsieh's death is already the second to occur in a Taiwan internet cafe this year, according to CNN. On January 1, a 38 year-old man was found dead at an internet cafe in Taipei, apparently after playing video games for five days straight.

Net cafes in the region offer extended gaming sessions at low prices. Eight hours of play can cost as little as two dollars.

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