Man Builds Functional Assassin's Creed Blade and Rope-Launcher Tool

This is super cool.


Timed with the launch of Assassin's Creed Syndicate comes an awesome video showing off a real-world Assassin's Creed hidden blade and rope-shooter tool. The equipment, which totally works but is a little less glamorous, comes from YouTube's colinfurze (via Gizmodo). Check it out in the video below.

The rope-launcher is powered by CO2 and works basically as it does in the game: point and shoot. Once the grapple catches on to a surface, connect a harness system and pull yourself up. It's not as fast and effective as it is in the game, but pretty cool all the same.

As for the blade, it's retractable just like the game and looks quite deadly. Watch the video to see colinefurze slash up various objects and items with ease.

Syndicate launched on October 23, receiving a 9/10 score from GameSpot. For more on the game's critical reception, check out this review roundup. The game is available today on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while the PC edition is set to launch in November.

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He's got skills

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That's exactly what the world needed, more ways to kill people.....tsk tsk

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OK...finally someone made something pretty cool haha.

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Colin is awesome

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So next news title about him could be like this. "The man who made functional AC hidden blade cut off his middle finger accidently." and a few thousand new subscriber after that title.

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LOL, real life sucks!

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cue a bunch of idiots in the ER with hand lacerations....

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I would love to be the guy next to the first dude that tries to get through airport security with that setup.

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Nice, it's always cool to see people replicate weapons and tools from video games, even more so when they can function even just a bit like their digital counterpart.

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and yeah! an assassin 3 hundreds years ago had an even better device and could fly with it like spiderman! and I guess next assassin will wear the clothes of Iron Man! FU ubisoft! just remove all this super cool devices and let the game be harder and more real.

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@princeev: They...Don't Fly. Or Swing. They Zipline. lol.

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Bravo man, that pretty neat.

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Congrats now you can kill people

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That's pretty awesome, good for him on doing that.

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Too bad he died after he went to go scratch his neck then accidentally stabbed himself in the throat.

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Nerd much

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He was then arrested the next day.

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Imagine that's how the rope launcher actually works in Assassins Creed

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@jdkillustration: Thats Basically How Part Of Its Function Does Work, Except Its Alot Faster In Game, lol.

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Thats pretty awesome there

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Let me guess... following Pew Die Pie steps on getting rich?

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Very Kotaku of you IGN

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Clap, clap.

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@mjc0961: I've Never Had This Happen To Me On An Assassin's Creed Game, lol.

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Yeah that guys channel is awesome.