Make Your PS5 Look Like A Transparent N64 With Dbrand's New Darkplates

Revisit the peak of video game console technology with Dbrand's new line of translucent PS5 covers.


It's a scientific fact that video game consoles with transparent shells are the best-looking pieces of gaming hardware, and thanks to Dbrand, you can finally go back to the days of peak technology with its new line of PS5 Darkplates. Available in four colors for both the regular PS5 and Digital model, the $100 Retro Darkplates kits allow you to see the internals of your console with colors that are a dead ringer for Nintendo's iconic range of N64s that had little to hide.

Dbrand's new Darkplates match the N64's Atomic Purple, Ice Blue, Fire Orange, Smoke Black colorways. We checked out the Darkplates and were impressed by the design, build quality, and colors. They fit snugly on the PS5, and the retro makeover gives the console an eye-catching look. The plates pop on easily, and the skins for the middle section of the PS5 align just right and are pretty easy to apply. The "light strips," which are made of vinyl, augment the PS5's white lights to complete the package.

If you're nostalgic for the N64 or simply love transparent electronics, the retro Darkplates mimic that aesthetic very well. The only downside here is that the Darkplates are pricey compared to a lot of other third-party faceplates. That said, the ability to fully transform your PS5--not just the top and bottom plates--is unique. We can't speak to the longevity of the materials, particularly the skins, but the retro Darkplates make a great first impression. Each $100 kit comes with:

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  • 1x Retro Darkplates set in Disc or Digital
  • 1x Hue-matched Retro Middle and Bottom Skin
  • 3x Left Light strips (Ice Blue, Atomic Purple, Fire Orange)
  • 3x Right Light strips (Ice Blue, Atomic Purple, Fire Orange)

Alternatively, you can build your own bundle. If you just want the Darkplates themselves, they cost $69. To give your PS5 the full N64 treatment, the full kit for $100 is the way to go.

"To pair with the translucent side panels, we worked with a metrology lab to scan the PS5 with industrial-grade 450Kv x-ray equipment," Dbrand explained. "After multiple scans were performed, we stitched them together, then added a color-splash to hue-match each Retro Darkplate. No matter which angle you view the PS5 from--even the bottom, you get a true representation of the internals."

Admittedly, you can't see all the way inside your actual PS5 due to its design, but the matte ABS plastic plates simulate the effect. And yes, the Darkplates contain a binary code Easter egg that refers to the cease-and-desist letter that Dbrand got from Sony back when its original PS5 Darkplates weren't legally distinct enough.

Orders are now open for the retro Darkplates, and they come with the claim that these add-ons for your PS5 will enable time travel. In a nostalgic sense, of course.

Disclosure: Dbrand provided samples of the Darkplates to GameSpot for testing.

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