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Make Sure You Do This Mission Early In Starfield

Putting off this main story quest for too long could mean you're missing one of the game's best parts.


In Starfield, there are many characters to meet, hundreds of quests to complete, and literally more than a thousand planets to explore. Suffice it to say, anyone could get distracted many times over. If you're like me, you might even want to delay the main story quest in favor of some of the faction quests or planet-hopping, but I learned way too late--about 40 hours into my game--that one specific main mission should actually be prioritized when it's available early on. Here's what you should know so you don't make the same mistake as me.

The mission in question is called Into The Unknown, and you'll unlock it just a few hours into the main story. The mission will appear in your quest log simultaneously alongside two others on the critical path. When I saw those three pop up together, I decided to procrastinate doing any of them for a long time, so I present my experience to you as a cautionary tale. This mission is important not just to the story, but in how it introduces certain gameplay mechanics.

To borrow an example from another Bethesda game you likely played before, ignoring Into The Unknown for a long time would be like playing dozens of hours of Skyrim without shouts. Can it be fun? Certainly! I was having a great time anyway, but Into The Unknown fundamentally changes something important about your abilities as the protagonist in the space-faring saga.

Don't get distracted until after Into The Unknown is complete.
Don't get distracted until after Into The Unknown is complete.

I won't mention spoilers here so you can see it all for yourself now that you know which mission you need to chase down, but if you want a heavy-handed hint, you can read this article we published earlier this year.

Now that you've got this importance guidance, find an entire universe of guides in our Starfield guides hub.

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