Makai Kingdom conquering PSP in Japan this September

Developer Nippon Ichi also announces Disgaea 4 updates and downloads.


Fans of Nippon Ichi strategy role-playing games like the Disgaea series can definitely look forward to more of their favorite titles rereleased for the PSP. The PlayStation 2 title Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (known as Phantom Kingdom in Japan) will be out for Sony's portable system in Japan on September 22.

According to a recent article on Dengeki PlayStation, the new additions in the port include a new character (a young girl with red pigtails and a short cape who may be main character Zetta's daughter) and a new scenario called "Papa Is the Strongest Demon King." If past ports are of any indication, players can expect more cameos from other games in the Nippon Ichi stable in Makai Kingdom. At this point in time, new details on the port are kept under wraps. First run copies of the title will be bundled with the game's art book and soundtrack CD.

Japanese PSP owners can expect more
Japanese PSP owners can expect more "bad-ass freakin' overlord" action this September.

In other related news, overseas fans of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten can expect upcoming updates and content. First in line is a downloadable scenario focused on the game's main character Valvatorez, which is scheduled to be out on August 31. The next downloadable content is a four-chapter-long expansion called Disgaea 4: Fuuka and Desco-hen Hajimemashita (roughly translated as Nice to Meet You, Fuka and Strange Desco).

The download will be sold on the Japanese PlayStation Network for 2,000 yen ($25), but will also be sold as a preorder disc bundled with a Desco figurine for 4,190 yen ($52). The DLC will be out on October 27 in Japan. Furthermore, Nippon Ichi plans to release a full package containing Disgaea 4 and the aforementioned expansions for 6,090 yen($75), presumably later after the DLC's release.

Makai Kingdom was originally released for the PS2 on July 26 in 2005. The game was praised for its complex and unique strategy gameplay, as well as its colorful characters and humorous dialogue. The English version of Disgaea 4 will be out on September 6.

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