Major Update to Xbox One Upload Studio

Microsoft's video publishing platform adds transitions, title cards, intros, effects, splash screens, and more.


A comprehensive update to Upload Studio, the home video editing and publishing tool for Xbox One, has begun to roll out to consoles.

Larry Hryb, Microsoft's Xbox Live executive, has narrated a new instructional-cum-promotional video that talks through many of Upload Studio's new features. User-made videos can now incorporate 15 different segments, he explains, with a maximum runtime of thirty minutes.

Users now also have access to numerous cosmetic features, such as transitions, title cards, intros, effects, splash screens, and templates. Enhanced editing tools also allow for the inclusion of text overlays and voiceovers.

Microsoft has also produced its own custom transitions for certain games, such as Forza Horizon 2 and Halo 5, which users can splice between their segments. There are also a number of feature templates, such as "Top 5," which allows for a more streamlined production process.

As Hryb demonstrates in the video above, Kinect can also be used as a camera that adds a green screen effect.

Since the launch of the Xbox One in November 2013, Microsoft has taken a proactive approach to platform updates, and usually rolls out new system software on a monthly basis. The company says that, in 2014 alone, it had introduced more than 100 new features and adjustments to the operating system.

In June, the corporation opened a dedicated feedback site for customers to request specific fixes.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has made significant changes to the console's hardware, first by improving ESRAM performance, and then with an update that adjusts the Xbox One's CPU performance so that more processing resources can be used by games.

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