Major PS4 System Update Getting Beta, Here's How to Sign Up

Sony isn't saying what new features are included just yet.


Sony is launching a beta test program for the PS4's next system update, which it's describing as a "major" one.

The beta is scheduled to begin in "early September," according to a PlayStation Blog post, and sign-ups are now available on the official PlayStation website. In order to qualify, you'll need an Internet-connected PS4 and a PSN master account.

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The actual sign-up process involves nothing more than entering your PSN name and choosing whether or not you want to be contacted about future betas. Submitting your name doesn't guarantee you a spot, as only a "limited number" of people will be allowed in. Sony also suggests you ensure you have an account on the official PlayStation forums, as they will be the home for discussion regarding the beta.

Those who get in and update their system will be free to revert it back to the current firmware, 2.57, at any point during the test. There's no telling how long the test will last or when Sony plans on launching the update to everyone.

Also unmentioned were the details on what new features this update consists of, and what makes it "major." Recent reports have suggested the 3.00 update adds communities, YouTube broadcasting support, Twitter video support, and more.

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