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Major New Ghost Recon Breakpoint Patch Resolves Some Of Its Issues

Set aside 7GB for this update.


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint's 1.0.3 title update patch is available from today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and the full patch notes have been released. The patch weighs in at 7GB on both PS4 and Xbox One, and a slightly slimmer 6.7GB on PC. It includes a number of bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements, as well as a few basic gameplay updates.

Some major issues have been addressed--drones will now deploy reliably, and players should no longer respawn under the map. The "Mission Completion" tutorial pop-up won't display after loading screens anymore, and mission interactions are now prioritized over vehicle interactions. These are just a few examples, with the full patch notes listing many more.

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Some controls and mechanics have changed too to make for a more enjoyable experience. Players can now do a camera shoulder swap in cover, which was not possible before. Your character's base stamina has increased by 66% and regenerates 75% faster than before, while sliding now only consumes half the stamina it used to. This should make for a less frustrating game.

The full patch makes multiple changes to the enemy and NPC AI, as well as animation, audio, camera, chat, loot, and menu updates. Missions and general gameplay have also seen multiple improvements. The patch notes detail over 100 changes that have been made as of 1.0.3, which will hopefully go some way to improve the experience.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has had a difficult launch period, and the game's middling-to-negative reviews have disappointed Ubisoft, especially as the game has not sold as expected. In the wake of this disappointment, Ubisoft promised that the game would become a more "gritty and authentic military experience" in the future, and promised two major updates for November; this is the first of those.

If you're jumping back in post-patch, make sure you check out our guide for dealing with drones in Breakpoint.

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