Major fighting game tournaments to standardize ruling for player collusion

New rule states that any form of collusion is cheating; players intentionally underperforming will be disqualified immediately.


Major tournament directors who represent events like the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament and Final Round will be standardizing rules against player collusion.

A scene at Evo 2k13. (courtesy of Evolution Championship Series)
A scene at Evo 2k13. (courtesy of Evolution Championship Series)

According to a Shoryuken report, any form of collusion between competitors is considered cheating. Tournament directors who catch any competitor intentionally underperforming can disqualify them immediately.

The following North American tournaments that have agreed to this ruling include the Evolution Championship series and all Road to Evo events, Big E Gaming events like Winter Brawl, Canada Cup Gaming, Community Effort Orlando, Civil War, East Coast Throwdown, The Fall Classic, Final Round, Level|Up events, MTLSF events, Northwest Majors, Shadowloo Showdown, NorCal Regionals, Toronto Top Tiers events, Treta Championship, and the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament.

The report also said that fighting game community sites Shoryuken and EventHubs had come to an agreement to only cover events that enforce the collusion rule. Other supporters of the new ruling include peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz.

For more information on recent fighting game events, check out GameSpot's coverage on Evo 2k13.

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