Major Diablo 3 patch arrives...with a long list of bugs

Blizzard releases the long-awaited 2.0.1 patch that brings Loot 2.0 system, but dozens of issues are causing headaches for players.


Diablo III

Diablo III's long-awaited Patch 2.0.1. has arrived, and while it introduces a lengthy list of updates including the highly touted Loot 2.0 system, it also brings with it a series of bugs. The patch was released yesterday in North America, a month ahead of the Reaper of Souls expansion on March 25, and should be available on servers worldwide today.

Over on the Blizzard forums, a quality assurance representative for the developer has compiled a list of known issues--which spans dozens of items affecting multiple facets of the game.

Some of these issues do not affect gameplay and are only a minor inconvenience, like a bug that makes it so your total play time shows the wrong information. However, other issues like the game becoming stuck at the home screen when entering a multiplayer game or losing the bonus you should have received from the Pools of Reflection, are more problematic.

You can check out Blizzard's complete roundup of known issues for Diablo III on the company's forums. The developer cautioned that the bugs featured in this post are the most severe/impactful, and only represent a sample of the "hundreds" of bugs currently in the game's database. There is no timeline for when the issues will be cleared.

For more on Diablo III's Patch 2.0.1, be sure to read GameSpot's preview of the content featuring comments from lead designer Kevin Martens.

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