Majesty Expansion Sales Online Only

The upcoming Northern Expansion for the fantasy RTS will be available only through selected online retailers, but a bundle will come to stores early next year.


Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Cyberlore has revealed that Hasbro will only distribute the expansion to Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim online. Northern Expansion will include 13 new epic quests, as well as more monsters and magic spells. An improved quest builder and freestyle editor will also be included in the add-on.

Northern Expansion was initially scheduled for an earlier release, but now that it has slipped toward the competitive Christmas sales season, it was decided that the additional shelf space wouldn't be used to put it alongside Majesty in retail stores. Jay Adan of Cyberlore told GameSpot, "This does not mean that Majesty has sold poorly. We've actually been pretty pleased by the numbers, but these days it looks like you need to sell a half a million copies or more to be considered a success."

Starting next month, the expansion will be available through, EBWorld, and Gamestop. However, there are plans to release a bundle of Majesty and Northern Expansion early next year.

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