Majestic Trailer

Electronic Arts releases a new trailer featuring the odd adventure game.



Today, Electronic Arts unveiled a new trailer for Majestic, its unique adventure game. Majestic centers on a conspiracy involving a series of documents that identify a group known as the Majestic-12, which was formed by President Truman to investigate and recover UFOs that land or crash within the boarders of the United States. The game itself comes as a single 1MB download that players must install on their computers. After doing so, Majestic begins to make use of various computer functions - fax, e-mail, instant messaging software, and even the phone - to progress the story and make it seem like the characters in the game are directly contacting the players. For more on Majestic, check out our extensive preview. The trailer can be streamed or downloaded from the links below.

Majestic is scheduled for release in spring 2001.

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