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Majestic status

Anim-X provides an update on the development of the innovative conspiracy game, which will be published by EA.


Oregon-based development studio Anim-X has released an update on the status of Majestic, the upcoming conspiracy game that will contact its players through e-mail, voicemail, fax, and other lines of communication. According to the company, the game is scheduled for release this spring after being delayed from its previous February release date. The reason for the delay is to let the developers make sure the game experience is as good as possible. Anim-X also explained the difference between the two planned demos of the game. The contact demo, which is scheduled for shortly before the full game's release, is designed to give players a sense of how Majestic will communicate with players using e-mails, telephone calls, and faxes. The pilot demo is a free playable demo that contains several elements of the full game. On average, it contains approximately 30-45 minutes of interaction spread out over about a week.

The developer also noted some of the new features it plans to add to the final game, including ally awards, a system to let players reward other players for helping them, and acquire/act/standby, a feature that signals when and how to interact with the game. The team is currently adding some changes to the pilot test and episode 1, and it has completed production on episode 2. The game is also currently undergoing load testing.

For more information about Majestic, take a look at our previous coverage of the game, which includes movies, screenshots, and a detailed preview.

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