Majesco's first two DS titles to ship next year

Shin'en-developed Nanostray joins previously announced Moonlight Fables for release in 2005.


Majesco today announced that its first two titles for the Nintendo DS system, a side-scrolling action adventure called Moonlight Fables and a 3D shooter called Nanostray, will release in the year 2005. This means that Majesco, the publisher of the Game Boy Advance Video cartridges and numerous other titles for the GBA, will not have any titles ready for the launch of the Nintendo DS on November 21.

In a release today, the publisher announced further details on the two titles. Both will feature support for the system's touch-screen input and dual-screen display, and both will feature "multiplayer network play." Whether this refers to online gameplay or wireless close-range multiplayer is not clear, although Nanostray has been confirmed to at least feature an online rankings system that will let players compete for the title of "best in the world."

Developed by Shin'en, creators of the Iridion games for the GBA, Nanostray will feature 3D graphics combined with old-school space-shooter-action gameplay. The game will use the touch screen to allow players to track enemy movement via interactive radar as well as to manage weapons and other pickups. Its release date is set for early spring.

Moonlight Fables is a gothic-fantasy-styled, side-scrolling action adventure title designed by Cyber Philharmonic. Players will take the role of Trista Silver, a 19-year-old recent graduate of the Officer School For International Strike Forces who finds out that she is a werewolf. Players will use the touch screen to manipulate the phases of the moon, changing the types of special attacks that Trista can deliver.

Majesco has also revealed that, although the game is a side-scroller, it will feature "a combination of two and three dimensional art styles, with a dynamic camera that zooms in and out to highlight the action and imagery." The world of the game will be seamless, all levels blending together into "one large area"; unlockable accessories will let Trista return to old areas and access previously unreachable items and entrances.

Moonlight Fables is scheduled for release sometime in 2005.

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