Majesco unveils Fortress for the GBA

New information on and the first screenshots from Majesco's puzzle-action game for the Game Boy Advance.


Majesco has officially announced Fortress for the Game Boy Advance. The concept for the puzzle-action game originated in the studios of UK-based Promethean Designs and it is being developed by Pipe Dream Interactive, Majesco's internal development studio. In Fortress, players must stack falling blocks to build castles and other structures. Once the structures are complete, players can strategically position weapons on the structures to begin the game's battle mode. Multiple players can compete using the GBA link cable.

"Fortress' unique combination of puzzle action and combat strategy delivers a completely addictive and compelling gameplay experience that's well positioned to take advantage of the diverse demographic in the handheld market," said Dan Kitchen, vice president of handheld development for Majesco. "We're confident that the hard-core gamer will wholeheartedly embrace the awesome multiplayer dynamics, while the more casual gamer will appreciate the short learning curve and user-friendly interface."

Majesco currently has 10 games planned for the Game Boy Advance, including Iridion 3D, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, Aerial Aces, Jelly Belly, and Earthworm Jim.

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