Majesco Steams up Psychonauts

Majesco's acclaimed platformer joining Advent Rising, BloodRayne, on Valve's digital distribution service.


So far, Valve Software's digital distribution service, Steam, has been used as a carrier for top-tier AAA titles like Half-Life 2, independently developed fare like Darwinia and Rag Doll Kung Fu, and even casual titles like Bejeweled 2 Deluxe and AstroPop. However, Steam is now also acting as a second chance for some frontline titles that fell a bit flat at retail.

Valve and Majesco Entertainment today announced a digital distribution agreement that will see a number of the latter's big-name PC games show up on the former's Steam service. Starting today, Advent Rising, BloodRayne, and BloodRayne 2 are available on Steam, with the Double Fine-developed Psychonauts set to be offered early next month.

BloodRayne 2 and Advent Rising are available for $19.99, while the original BloodRayne fetches $9.99 on the service. Psychonauts is not yet priced, but gamers who purchase any of the games in their first two weeks of availability can get 10 percent off the purchase price.

For more information on the games, check out GameSpot's reviews of BloodRayne, BloodRayne 2, Advent Rising, and Psychonauts.

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So does anyone know how to actually get steam to run?

Avatar image for drangel_jam

They could take advantage of this second chance and fix some of the bugs on AR. Overall, BRILLANT! I really liked AR, I still hope for the sequels. Call me crazy... I it passion.

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They could take advantage of this second chance and fix some of the bugs on AR. Overall, BRILLANT! I really liked AR, I still hope for the sequels. Call me crazy... I it passion.They could take advantage of this second chance and fix some of the bugs on AR. Overall, BRILLANT! I really liked AR, I still hope for the sequels. Call me crazy... I call it passion.

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Online distribution is the future. Personally, I'm glad.

Avatar image for _Sam_

personally, I prefer having the disks

Avatar image for Adam_GI

Ha hope they don't mess it up like they did JA2

Avatar image for Riverwolf007

Prolly never see a sequel to psychonauts, no one bought it when it came out. Shame shame shame....

Avatar image for FriedConsole

Will Psychonauts for the PC support the wired 360 controller? I don't want to play with my keyboard.

Avatar image for Expane

Advent Rising is already $9.99 for a new disc, $20 for DD is rape

Avatar image for Nirkon

Hold up.... Their "re-selling" psychonauts but without promising for a Psychonauts 2... they fail at life...

Avatar image for Dshenlong

hmmm....wheres psychonauts?....i mean psychonauts....2....when are they gonna make a sequel?!!! and if advent rising hadnt been so damn buggy on the x-box it wouldve been a great game...I had fun with it but the bugginess drove me nuts...hopefully they fixed all the bugs for the steam release...and I still wanna see the sequel to that...there were supposed to be 3 games......and now....well....guess not

Avatar image for Lepuke

I might purchase that on steam, though Id rather play it on my 360... Damn you microsoft!

Avatar image for Legir

That's kinda cool. I have only played the demo game and planned to get the full version someday.

Avatar image for jsambeckwith

Yay. Steamish.

Avatar image for LordAndrew

Psychonauts on Steam!!! OMG!!!

Avatar image for Autolycus

with all the press it gets, i would be suprised if it didnt sell well....

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

Buy Psychonauts!!!

Avatar image for azizrulez

i still cant believe people havent played psychonauts yet that game is amazing

Avatar image for 2TrickedOut

Psychonauts is an amazing game!! The game has its own style. most games fail to do this anymore. I want to play it on my 360 so get the bc list updated or release a upgraded HD version for the 360.

Avatar image for yb125

I already have Psychonauts but it's on 6 dics scattered around my room so I'll buy the steam version (I assume it'll be 20 or less) maybe if we're very lucky they'll add some extra content, but I doubt it.

Avatar image for CyphenX

Yay! Maybe now more people wil notice Psychonauts! And yes, buy it new, not used, the developers deserve this money!

Avatar image for Davideogamer

This news combined with the fact that Double fine will be able to keep making games is all good to me. Good thing I already have a Steam account, all I need now is a good computer and I'm set to re-enjoy this great title. Still, I wish more people had played this game, it deserves more than it got.

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Steam raped my cat and then poured the blood of virgins into my computer's processor.

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Nnyc, I agree with your analysis as far Double Fine goes. I got it for the xbox. However, at this late date I just don't think it is a good idea to sell it along with those other dogs at an inflated price. It should be $9.99, those other games who cares. If it was 9.99 more people would buy it. But they are going to sell it over 25.00 bucks if Advent goes for $19.99. That is my point. Sell it new, Double Fine gets some money, more exposure for a sequel. But sell it at a reasonable market price. And don't just rip off noobs who see it on Steam. But yah, Double Fine is alright.

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Argh, this is very cool, and I have a decent PC, but I really wanted Psychonauts to show up on XBL through some sort of black magic. It's an awsome game that just came out at the wrong time for some reason. The Steam distribution is great though, if my own copy wasn't the PC version I'd be all over it. (Even if Psychonauts shows up on the 360 BC list you'd atleast have people scouring game stores for used Xbox copies.) Yay Steam though! Almost what I was dreamin' for is better than nothin'!

Avatar image for JLCrogue

All of those games suck, except for Psychonauts. That game is teh pwnzors and I rofl at teh n00bs who didn't play it.

Avatar image for blackIceJoe

Psychonauts I thought was a great game its to bad it sold like crap though.

Avatar image for bigmit37

Yeah I saw advent rising for like $9.99 brand I think EB games. These things are overpriced.

Avatar image for NnyCW

3xthrtx3, one problem with your eBay plan...the only one who makes money from that sale is the seller on eBay, not Majesco, Double Fine studios, or anyone related with the game. Considering the game sold like crap the first time around, despite being fantastic, buying used copies of it is NOT what you should do or what you should encourage others to do. It's the worst possible thing to do if you actually like the game and would like to support the works of Tim Schafer. You buy it used, you might as well just pirate the thing and save yourself the money you would have spent in the first place, the developers and publisher see the same amount of money.

Avatar image for 3xthrtx3

rencie, psychonauts is like $4.99 to $9.99 on ebay. you can even buy it brand new from a well known seller...

Avatar image for EqualPlatinum
EqualPlatinum cool... I guess.

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Psychonauts on Steam -- considering how I can't find a retail copy at all since it was released? Then Steam away! :-D

Avatar image for Killagorilla27

This is good that they're giving Pyschonauts and AR a second chance...AR wasnt THAT bad...I still want them to make a sequel b/c I KNOW it'll be awesome...

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You can bet Psyco will be way over priced because it is a decent game, probably $24.99 to $29.99. Advent Rising and Blood Rayne 2 are way over priced. They are bargin bin titles. Don't download them. On EBAY: Advent Rising: $1.99 to 4.99 even brand new, and most of them did not even sell although listed around $10.00 and below. Blood Rayne 2: $0.99 to 5.99 even brand new, and most of them did not even sell although listed around $10.00 and below. Blood Rayne: $0.99 brand new did not sell, and same as above. Psychonauts: $4.95, and same as above. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THESE GAMES IT IS A TOTAL RIP OFF!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Jerrymiru

AWESOME!!! Long live RAZ!!! But I can live without the BloodRayne games though.

Avatar image for oboewan9999

Yay. I always wanted to play Psychonauts.

Avatar image for kevb84

Cool news

Avatar image for Chemosh013

now if only MS can get the psychonauts backcompat update done... i went out and purchased the game just so i could play it on 360 when it is available... good to hear that more pps are getting to play it.

Avatar image for Karjah

Psychonauts for me is not quite as good as a lot of people said it is but it's certainly worth a purchase. Very fun game.

Avatar image for mrhankeydinks

oooh Psychonauts!

Avatar image for hemakm3


Avatar image for kippesd

To whomever hasn't played this game yet - PLAY IT. It's seriously the most entertaining game of all time IMHO. Who hasn't ever wanted to play as a gigantic lungfish stomping over a panicked city ala Godzilla? That's what I thought.

Avatar image for peeweeshift

i want to download advent rising but i heard its better on the xbox than the pc because the controls work better

Avatar image for dukerav


Avatar image for loto80

Wooh! I can now get Pyschonauts.

Avatar image for makemeweak

Hmm - maybe I'll download Psychonauts...

Avatar image for sidescroller

Psychonauts is worth $20. Every penny of it. Buy it when it comes out. If you like video games enough to be on this site, you will love Psychonauts.

Avatar image for Kenzo287

awwwwwwww why does my computer suck SO MCUH!

Avatar image for Supersonic2000

Now people will actually buy Psychonauts. This will help Double Fine a lot.

Avatar image for CrapfullyCrap

Good news, maybe I can finally get my friend to try out Psychonauts.

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