Majesco fires off Nanostray

Beleaguered publisher ships first DS game to retail; vertical side-scroller combines 3D graphics with 2D gameplay.


Majesco's in the news again this week, but thankfully for the company it's newsworthy for publishing games instead of for taking a savage beating in the stock market.

Launching its first game for the Nintendo DS, Majesco has shipped the vertically scrolling shooter Nanostray to retailers in North America. Nanostray was developed by Shin'en, the mind behind Iridion 3-D and Iridion 2 on the Game Boy Advance.

Nanostray merges 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, while putting the Nintendo DS touch screen to use as a way of switching weapon systems in the middle of gameplay. In addition to the straightforward arcade-style gameplay, Nanostray also offers two-player LAN play, a challenge mode, and unlockable artwork and music from the game.

Nanostray retails for $29.99 and is rated E for Everyone. Check back tomorrow for GameSpot's full review.

$26.97 on Walmart

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