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Magic: The Gathering The Brothers' War Reveal: Check Out Myrel, Shield Of Argive Legendary Creature

Get a closer look at a card from the upcoming set.


On November 18, the next saga in Magic: The Gathering begins. The Brothers' War takes players into a prolific Dominaria conflict, following two brothers: Urza and Mishra. The duo find two ancient and powerful artifacts that look like stones, which changes their destinies. Leading up to the release of this set, Wizards of the Coast is giving us a look at one of the cards: Myrel, Shield Of Argive.

The card you see below is a legendary creature featuring art by Ryan Pancoast. It will cost one white and three colorless mana to cast. Check out the very first look at the card below, shared to GameSpot by Wizards of the Coast.

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The description on the card reads, "During your turn, your opponents can't cast spells or activate abilities of artifacts, creatures, or enchantments. Whenever Myrel, Shield of Argive attacks, create X 1/1 colorless Soldier artifact creature tokens, where X is the number of Soldiers you control."

When the set releases in November, there will be multiple ways to dive into the new set. There are two Commander decks-- Urza's Iron Alliance and Mishra's Burnished Banner -- single Collector Boosters , booster box , a War Land Station , 36 pack draft booster box , 18 pack jumpstart booster box , The Brothers' War bundle , the Brothers' War gift bundle , and more.

Something else interesting about The Brothers' War is that there are Transformers cards contained within the set. Both the Bundle and Bundle: Gift Edition contain a foil Transformers card. There is a 1-in-10 chance you'll draw a Transformers card from the draft boosters as well.

Transformers isn't the only MTG crossover happening. Back in July, MTG crossed over with Fortnite for a Secret Lair. In October, four Commander decks launched featuring elements from Warhammer 40,000. There are also Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who cards coming as well.

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