Magic: The Gathering Is Getting a Bob Ross Drop

Our favorite landscape painter will soon be adorning Magic's land cards.


Beloved landscape painter Bob Ross is coming to Magic: The Gathering through a partnership between Wizards of the Coast and the Ross estate, as reported by Motherboard. The result of this collaboration is a limited edition card set called Happy Little Gathering.

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The set is going to have two Ross landscapes to represent each of Magic's respective land types: swamps, forests, plains, mountains, and islands. Spells are fueled by the different land types, so any good deck will need them. Now, players will be able to make their decks beautiful in a new way with Ross' landscapes shaping their spells. These cards will have the same backings as any other card and will be playable in official matches. The "Evolving Wilds" card, one that can transform into any other land type, will also be getting the Ross treatment. This card too, will be represented by one of Ross' iconic landscapes.

Working with Ross' landscapes proved to be fairly surprising. Sr. Creative Director at Wizards of the Coast Tom Jenkot told Motherboard: "I thought swamp was going to be the hardest, but it turned out to be plains." He went on to note that he had to cheat a bit with plains by zooming in on the painting being used.

To grab the Happy Little Gathering set, you'll need to check out Magic's Secret Lair line. The Secret Lair line is a series of rare card drops containing three to seven reprinted cards that feature alternate art. Usually this art is done by famous artists, like the Prime Slime line done by Dakota Cates, so Ross should be in good company. The last Secret Lair drop even featured characters from The Walking Dead franchise.

Happy Little Gathering will be available to preorder starting November 30 on Wizards of the Coast's Secret Lair website. To get a peek at the cards beforehand, check the site out on November 25. Preorders end November 14, so mark your calendar if you don't want a sad little accident.

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