Magic: The Gathering--Cards Revealed For The Theros: Beyond Death Set

Theros: Beyond Death will be available on January 24, 2020.


Update: Originally, GameSpot was told there would be 350 new cards in the Magic: The Gathering "Theros: Beyond Death" set. That number given to us was incorrect and has been updated. There will be 254 new cards in the set.

Back in 1993, Wizards of the Coast released a card game that would change tabletop gaming forever--Magic The Gathering. 26 years later, the series is stronger than ever and a new set is just weeks away, letting players expand their collections and reshape their decks.

This January, Magic: The Gathering put gods in your control with its new set Theros: Beyond Death. Wizards of the Coast has given GameSpot a heads-up on a few of the new cards arriving in this set, which you can check out below along with alternate art.

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Ashiok is a legendary Planeswalker that can bounce permanents to the owner's hands, create nightmare creature tokens--that can exile opponents deck cards--and can cast exiled opponent cards. Ashiok can use your opponent's deck against them. The other revealed Planeswalker is Elspeth, and she has the abilities to create soldier tokens, heal the player, and buff two target creatures a turn. Both of these cards are in the main set.

The third card revealed is the buy-a-box promotional card for Theros: Beyond Death--Athreos. Costing 6 mana to cast (1 white, 1 black, and 4 colorless), Athreos is indestructible. The creature--who isn't a creature depending on your devotion--has the ability to bring back creatures from exile and put them directly onto the battlefield.

As for Theros: Beyond Death, the new set has more than 250 new cards with new and returning mechanics. The pre-release begins on Magic: The Gathering Arena on January 16, and in the real world on January 17. In order to ensure you get a copy if Athreos, you can pre-order a box at any Wizards Play Network store, and in addition to Athreos, you'll get a foil Nyx basic land while supplies last. Check out Magic's website for all the details.

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