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Magic The Gathering And League Of Legends Arcane Crossover For Secret Lair Drop

Check out the first card images for the upcoming set here.


Netflix's League of Legends animated series Arcane recently hit the streaming service, and with the continued popularity of the video gaming series, Riot is bringing it to the world of tabletop gaming. Magic The Gathering's next Secret Lair Drop is inspired by Arcane, featuring some beautiful art, and you can get a look at some of those cards right here.

There will be two time-limited drops on sale between November 29-December 23. They will be available in both non-foil--for $30--and foil--for $40. These cards are based on locations and key moments from Arance, like Piltover, the Undercity, and more. Check four of them out below.

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Path to Exile​ is an instant spell that exiles the target creature. Its controller may search their library for a basic land card, put that card onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle. Counterflux​ is an instant spell that can't be countered. You can counter target spell you don't control with an overload cost of one colorless mana, two blue mana, and one red mana. The Hexcore (Thran Dynamo) is an artifact. When tapped, it adds three mana to your pool. Unstable Harmonics (Rhystic Study)​ is an enchantment. Whenever an opponent casts a spell, you may draw a card unless that player pays one mana.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Riot Games on two Secret Lair drops to celebrate the launch of the League of Legends animated series, Arcane," said Chris Cocks, president of Wizards of the Coast. "Bringing fan-favorite brands into the Magic Multiverse is an exciting way for us to bring Magic to life in bold new ways for lifelong fans and first-time players."

"In RiotX Arcane, we looked for ways to bring the fandom of Arcane beyond the digital screen and into something you could hold in your hands," said Brandon Miao, cross-product experiences and partnerships lead, Riot experience (XP) at Riot Games. "This was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Secret Lair as we're huge fans of Magic and admire the long-standing, deep relationship Wizards of the Coast has established with their fanbase."

For more information about the upcoming Secret Lair Drop, along with preordering the product, make sure to check out the Magic The Gathering site.

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