Magic Legends Unveils White Mana "Sanctifier" Class

The latest class reveal for the isometric action-RPG has powerful healing and long-range offensive capabilities.


Magic Legends is a Diablo-like action-RPG based in the Magic universe, and so its traditional colored mana system is joined with specialized classes. Developer Cryptic Studios has unveiled the latest of the five Planeswalker classes, the white mana-based Sanctifier.

The Sanctifier is a long-range support class that can use both healing magic and powerful attacks. Their healing magic can apply to both allied characters and your summoned creatures, and their primary attack is Divine Bolt, which fires holy energy from a distance. The secondary ability Wave of Radiance generates a wave of light that both hurts enemies and heals allies.

Sanctifiers also have a powerful utility ability called Salvation. Each trigger will regenerate health, heal summons, and gain a Devotion stack. Once you've used it four times, you'll get an Angel to fight alongside you with a "Lifelink" ability, which heals you as it does damage.

Each of the five classes will be based on one of the traditional mana colors in Magic. The Sanctifier is the fourth class we've heard about, after Mind Mage (Blue), Geomancer (Red), and Beastcaller (Green).

Magic Legends is currently in beta. It's coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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