Magic: Legends Difficulty And Modifiers Detailed

Magic: Legends is a dungeon-crawler inspired by both the popular card game and Diablo, and the studio is taking a very Diablo-like approach to difficulty.


Magic: Legends is an isometric dungeon-crawler that takes a healthy bit of influence from Diablo, so as you might expect, its difficulty settings will work a lot like Blizzard's series. Cryptic Studios outlined how the difficulty and modifiers will work, ahead of its upcoming open beta on PC.

As detailed on the Magic Legends blog, the game has four base difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master. You'll start on Normal and unlock the others through gameplay milestones. You can take on Hard as soon as you finish the tutorial, and you can then increase it to Expert and Master once you've reached level 30. And of course, higher difficulty levels will sport better loot.

In addition to the base difficulty levels, each region in the game will have its own regional enchantment available on any difficulty above Normal. You can toggle these enchantments off on Hard mode, but on Expert and Master they'll always apply. Cryptic outlined the regional enchantments that will be available in the open beta, which includes factors like enemies exploding after death, or taking extra damage based on how short you are on mana.

There are also world enchantments, which function as gameplay modifiers activated with single-use consumables. You'll have to craft these through earned materials, and each world enchantment comes with three tiers that increase the difficulty. The studio outlined the world enchantments that will be active in the open beta as well, which include magical spheres that help your enemies or the inability to heal outside of combat.

The PC open beta begins on March 23, and you can already purchase a premium cosmetic pack that will stick with you through the open beta and into the full game. The final game will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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