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Magic gathering on Xbox Live, PC

Wizards of the Coast confirms two new titles based on its collectible card game currently in development.


Wizards of the Coast is summoning a pair of new digital adaptations of its long-standing Magic: The Gathering collectible card game brand. The Hasbro subsidiary today announced that it would be bringing games based on the franchise to Xbox Live Arcade and the PC.

Details were virtually nonexistent, but one of the games is being developed by Stainless Games and will appear on Live Arcade and the PC. The UK-based Stainless was the studio behind the controversial Carmageddon, but has more recently trafficked in lighter fare, such as Atari Classic on the PlayStation Portable and the Xbox Live Arcade versions of Crystal Quest, Tempest, and Missile Command.

The other Magic project will be made for the PC and Mac, with Mind Control Software set to develop. The California-based studio is known for its PlayStation Portable strategy game Field Commander, as well as the downloadable PC casual strategy game Osiris.

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