MageLords First Impression

We take a first look at Kinesoft's real-time strategy and empire-building game hybrid.


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MageLords, an epic fantasy strategy game that integrates deep tactical combat and empire-building gameplay into a real-time 3D engine, is set in a world overshadowed by a prophesized apocalypse and where the strength of magic is on the rise. The MageLords, the powerful spellcasters increasingly in control of the realm, soon fall into conflict and lead opposing armies in their campaign for empire domination.

You play as a MageLord who remotely governs an empire and magically controls armies from afar. On the empire level you'll need to extend your control to new provinces and build cities to increase the mana, gold, and food levels so you can build more powerful armies and cast more impressive spells to indirectly affect tactical battles. The campaign level brings continuity between battles, yet Kinesoft's admitted focus for the game is in the tactical realm.

MageLord's 3D battlefield can engage up to 100 individual figures, from medieval human troops to super-sized giants and nasty demons. Figures are mainly controlled in unit formations, which depending on the figure's size and strength, can include from one to ten individuals. Hiring heroes allows you to control larger armies or bring artifacts and spells to bear on the enemy.

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