MAG to Move this fall

Zipper Interactive confirms 256-player online shooter will be updated with motion controller support; beta-test program mobilizes August 24.

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Sony has already confirmed PlayStation Move support for some of the PlayStation 3's biggest past and future games, including SOCOM 4, Killzone 3, and Heavy Rain. As part of its Gamescom press conference today, the publisher added one more to that list, saying Zipper Interactive's 256-player first-person shooter MAG would be updated to support the camera-based motion-sensing controller this fall.

MAG's use of the PlayStation Move controller will presumably mimic that seen in Zipper's other shooter, SOCOM 4. Namely, players will be able to move their weapon reticle around the screen by pointing with the controller, while the device's subcontroller handles character movement. The studio noted that all of MAG's mechanics will be compatible with the Move controller.

MAG's loadout will soon be getting a bit more visceral.
MAG's loadout will soon be getting a bit more visceral.

Along with announcing Move support, Zipper also said that it would be opening up the MAG beta program on August 24. Available to all current owners of the online shooter, the beta program will let gamers play-test future deployments for the game. As an example of these advanced looks, Zipper said that it would be running the Clan Deploy team deployment feature, Credit Points in-game economy system, and Escalation game type by its beta participants before regular availability.

The PlayStation Move is expected to be available in North America on September 19. For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of MAG.

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