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MAG, Red Dead Redemption, Bad Company 2 DLC crush PSN

PlayStation Store Update: Massive Action Game's Interdiction add-on highlights the week alongside co-op mission pack for Rockstar's open-world title and Onslaught for Battlefield sequel.


No Caption Provided Last week was a busy one for Sony. While the company was on hand at E3 2010, announcing details on Killzone 3, the PlayStation Move, and more, its weekly update didn't skimp on offerings. This week continues the company's momentum, unleashing content for Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the PlayStation 3-exclusive Massive Action Game, and more.
MAG's Interdiction brings three new maps, a new game mode, and more.
MAG's Interdiction brings three new maps, a new game mode, and more.

Zipper Interactive's MAG gets its first hefty batch of downloadable content this week. The Interdiction Mission Pack ($9.99) brings new armor, medals, trophies, and gameplay to the online-only first-person-shooter. The Interdiction game type is built for 128 players and tasks soldiers with controlling three posts on three new maps.

EA DICE's Battlefield sequel also received its first substantial paid DLC this week. The Onslaught mode ($9.99) brings new cooperative missions for up to four players to take part in skirmishes against AI opponents. The content also adds the Mark V patrol boat, for those intrigued by maritime warfare.

Rockstar Games' open-world Western gets its first heap of DLC this week with the Outlaws to the End mission pack. The free DLC brings six new cooperative missions to the world where up to four players can fight alongside each other. What's more, the add-on content packs in additional trophies and achievements for gamers to collect.

On the downloadable front, Telltale Games' latest adventure entry in the most recent Sam and Max series, They Stole Max's Brain!, hit the PlayStation Network this week. While it's not available on its own, the latest episode is free to all PSN users who purchased the season's first episode, The Penal Zone.

Only one downloadable PSP game hit the PSN this week: TNA Impact: Cross the Line ($29.99). The rated T for Teen title from SouthPeak Games brings 25 fighters, including AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Sharkboy to Sony's portable.

New PSP Minis this week include Burnin' Rubber ($3.99), an arcade racer, and Influence ($4.99), a puzzle game that tasks players with erasing stacks of blocks to advance.

On the music-game front, the Rock Band Music Store welcomes five songs from Disney star Miley Cyrus, and Guitar Hero adds a three-pack from alt-rockers All Time Low.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, discounts, and add-on content, is available on the PlayStation Blog.

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