MAG Recruitment Videos

Check out three new trailers talking about each of the factions in MAG.


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One of the neat things about MAG--aside from, you know, 256 player matches--is the persistent "Shadow War" among the game's three factions. Once you join Raven, Valor, or SVER, you'll basically become part of an ongoing battle among those mercenary corporations. It's a system that keeps track of not only your own progress and stats over the long haul, but also the entire team you're playing for.

So which side is the one for you? Sony is looking to help make that decision a little easier with a new MAG hub on its PlayStation Facebook page that details the different traits of each faction. Before that rolls out, Sony sent over some video showing what each of the three factions has to offer in a series of recruitment videos that will later go up on the Facebook page. Check them out below:

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