MAG Escalation DLC ramping up November 2

Zipper Interactive's 256-player online shooter expands next month with new capture-and-hold game type for $10.

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Back in August, Zipper Interactive opened up the MAG beta program, which was designed to offer existing owners of the online-only shooter the chance to play-test future developments for the game. Among the in-progress additions was the Escalation game type, and today Zipper said that this mode would be available to all players on November 2 for $10.

The Escalation game mode supports up to 96 players, where 32 players from the Raven, SVER, and Valor squads go head-to-head-to-head. Battles are broken down into two phases. In the first, all three teams attempt to hold two of three control points for a specified period of time. Once accomplished, a fourth point opens, and the team that caused the changes is charged with defending this final center until time expires or the requisite score is reached.

Escalation begins November 2.
Escalation begins November 2.

Escalation also introduces three new environments. Isla de Magma is set on a volcanic beach, while Silverback Ridge features mountainous terrain and Radiant Barrens offers an arid desert playfield. Further, the add-on introduces three new weapons per faction.

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