Mafia studio hiring for top secret, AAA game

2K Czech staffing up for "unannounced and super interesting" project; developer has 15 open positions across its two offices.


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No new projects from Mafia and Top Spin studio 2K Czech have been officially announced, but if job listings at the company's website are any indication, the studio has bold ambitions for its next body of work.

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The Czech Republic-based developer currently has 15 open positions spread across its Prague and Brno offices, two of which call for applicants wishing to work on a "top secret, unannounced, and super interesting project."

The most recent title 2K Czech shipped was March 2011's well-received tennis simulator Top Spin 4. Prior to that, the company released Mafia II in 2010, also to a positive critical reception.

A rumor from August suggested a third Mafia game--Mafia III--will debut on next-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The game was reportedly being developed as a launch title for these new platforms, but this has become "unlikely," as 2K Czech is currently in the process of staffing up following the loss of 40 developers last year.

The analyst consensus is that the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4 will be on store shelves for holiday 2013. As for their capabilities, GameStop CEO Paul Raines said in July that these consoles will provide "unbelievable new capabilities for rendering, speeds, et cetera."

A report from earlier this year suggested that 2K Czech was assisting Rockstar North with development on Grand Theft Auto V. A Rockstar representative denied this claim, plainly stating that the two studios are not collaborating on anything.

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Avatar image for Borrizee

Not another sequel i hope,bring something frech please

Avatar image for farcorners

I would hope for Mafia 3, with enough supplemental content away from the main story, to actually use more than 50% of the city, as was the case in Mafia 2.

Avatar image for Ejhutch15

I Hope it's Mafia 3.

Avatar image for Hrodwulf666

Hidden and Dangerous 3????

Avatar image for Ameriggio

Oh, it would be great if it's the truth. Anyway, I think their new project will be good according to Mafia 2.

Avatar image for tightwad34

Must be very top secret if people know it even exists.

Avatar image for Ferg1213

@tightwad34 If someone said to you "I have a secret" but didn't tell you what it was it would still be a secret

Avatar image for brok

Whatever they do, just release an HD Mafia: City of Lost Heaven. They'll make absolute bank.

Avatar image for k_h_a_n

can't wait to get my hands on Mafia III

Avatar image for usmanwah

I'd love to see a Mafia III set in an era before the original Mafia. Preferably in the very early 1900's.

That franchise was always different from GTA . And I sincerely hope they keep it that way in the future.

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

@LonelyHippie27 whack? it was one of the best games released that year. so much details put into it

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

@GamerOuTLaWz @LonelyHippie27 but sadly the world was wasted with no free roam like mafia 1

Avatar image for Savior4Life

Hope its better than the last one.....

Avatar image for senseless_dj

New IP pls.

Avatar image for TheDarkSpot

H&D 2 multiplayer was good times :)

Avatar image for danyjr

Please be it Mafia 3 or H&D 3.

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

@danyjr id take H&D3 :)

Avatar image for 00J

"Super Interesting" heh, i bet they are taking a Stab at a Superhero Free Roaming GTA type game... lol

After the hundreds of messages to them about how they are missing out on the Superhero Era...

Avatar image for vasova

I would really like Hidden & Dangerous 3.

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

@vasova amen brother

Avatar image for interceptor316

cmon pamper this generation of gaming consoles with another mafia game you can think about the next generation consoles later!

Avatar image for halobolola

If anyone actually clicked on the link, they would have seen that one of them is an 'online programmer'. which could be interesting.

Avatar image for sonicare

Mafia 3.

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

please,make a Mafia 3.... BTW, I havent played any of the DLCs for mafia Vito Scalleta still alive???

Avatar image for Sgthombre

Not exactly "Secret" anymore, as we know it exists.

Avatar image for UnaSolida

Would if it's gangsters playing never know.

Avatar image for gamergath

That "top secret game" is Mafia 3. I tell you. Truth be told.

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

i really liked hidden and dangerous games some of the best WW2 games wished they made hidden and dangerous 3 before they became 2k czech there AAA game might be something close to GTA or MAFIA but we will see.

Avatar image for high344

@gamingfrendly H&D3 that would be really cool

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

@high344 i really wish they would do it it is nice to see some other gamers still remember such a great games.

Avatar image for Sardinar

An original IP ? Is this real life ?

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

hopefully this new project will end up as a launch title for Xbox 720 and Playstation 4. They could port it to Wii U if the game is intended for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Avatar image for NTM23

"Mafia studio hiring (Rockstar) for top secret, AAA game" Just kidding.

Avatar image for b10nutz

Hopefully this time they will give us more things to do beside the main story.

Avatar image for iBuzz7S

Hope it's something fresh. Mafia and Top Spin can wait.

Avatar image for TheDarkSpot