Mafia II embarks on Joe's Adventures Nov. 23

Latest DLC add-on for Take-Two's open-world mobster game gets dated, will sell for $10 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


Mafia II

Every time gamers think they're out of the open-world mobster action game Mafia II, Take-Two Interactive wants to pull them back in. The publisher today detailed its latest effort to do that, announcing a November 23 release date for the Joe's Adventures downloadable content add-on for the game.

Repeatedly punching a prone man in the face is just one of Joe's many adventures.
Repeatedly punching a prone man in the face is just one of Joe's many adventures.

As its name implies, Joe's Adventures will pick up with Vito Scaletta's titular paisano, during the years in which the Mafia II protagonist is serving time. The single-player adventure serves as an extension to the events in the full game and delves into the "truth behind Vito's prison sentence" and other underpinnings of the Clemente crime family.

New locations that can be explored in the game include a train station, a cathouse, and a boatyard, as well as new buildings within Empire Bay. An unspecified number of story-based missions and city-based quests will also be available to Joe's Adventures purchasers, as well as a host of new clothes, collectibles, and classic '40s and '50s tunes.

For more on Mafia II, check out GameSpot's review.

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