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Mafia confirmed for Xbox, PS2

Take-Two Interactive officially announces the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of Mafia.


Though the PlayStation 2 version was on display at E3 2003 and the Xbox version had been mentioned previously, Take-Two Interactive has officially announced that Mafia is coming to both systems this fall. Mafia takes place in Lost Heaven, where the Salieri and Morello mobs are fighting for control of the city. Players will have to undertake a series of missions that will have them going up against police and other mobsters.

"Shipping on both the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox in fall 2003, Mafia has been enhanced to deliver a console experience that will make the Cosa Nostra look like a bunch of choirboys," said Graeme Struthers, vice president of Gathering. "Mafia re-creates the heyday of the mob in stunning detail and puts the gamer right in the heart of the action."

For more information, check out our full review of the PC version of the game.

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